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Kyrgyz folk dance group “Manastyn Kyzdary” keeps the traditions of Kyrgyz folk dance  art and demonstrates its program in international festivals of Europe, Asia and America. Bright and colourful costumes, national music of Kyrgyz people, choreography of dances always attract the attention of spectators.

The name “Manastyn Kyzdary” literally means “Daughters of Manas”. Manas is a main hero of famous Kyrgyz heroic epic “Manas”. Every people has in its past a rich history and original culture of human values. The Kyrgyz heroic epic “Manas” belongs to them, it ripened as a phenomenon of artistic culture in the deepest layers of the people’s worldview during many centuries and having been passed from generation to generation in an oral form, reached our days in such a high artistic form and a wide scope of people’s life that amazes its listeners and readers. “Manas”  represents such an epopee – an encyclopedia, which represents in a poetic form a long history of a political struggle of the Kyrgyz people, its many-sided life, its economy, customs, mode of life, manners, esthetic tastes, ethic standards, its medical, geographic, religious and other notions, its international, trade ties and other information  about the Kyrgyz.  

The text above is the short annotation of parts of our dance program.

Tent (shater)

There is a visual image of snow, mountains and white Kyrgyz yurt (Kyrgyz national house) in this dance. Beautiful girls are competing in grace in front of the yurt.

National dance of Kazak people

Here an original music of the Kazakh people and bright national dresses attract the spectators attention.

Uzbek National dance

Expressive poses of Uzbek dancers depict the ancient frescos.

Kyrgyz girls' dance

Moving gracefully girls demonstrate the change of figures in dance.


Shamanism has been existing for a long time. Shamans possess a big power on nature and people.


For a long time Kyrgyz masters could create on  national articles unique patterns, which are intricate in their variety. Now hands of dancer will appear to draw in air folklore patterns.

Kyrgyz dance

For a long time in the East, the woman was keeper of a family hearth. Inspite of anything woman is soft and gentle, proud and strong. She understands that wisdom of the world in her hands.

Wrestling (kuresh)

A national kind of the fight, which is demonstrated in the way of cheerful duel of two dolls.

Joke dance

Everything has own place, comedy, tragedy and love are intertwined in this life. In our joke dance the old man is unsuccessfully trying to attract attention of young girls.

Kyz Kyyal

Girl's character is like light mountain wind. Girl is moving in dance, believing that everything in her life is wonderful.

Tuva dance

Grand motions of girls reflect beauty and solemnity of Tuva music.

Girls round dance

Moving gracefully as a stream girls flow from side to side, lightly waving hands and interlacing in original in original patterns.

Ming kyyal

A holiday is shared with spectators thanks to live music and impetuous motions of girls an youths.

Khakas dance

This composition is filled with tenderness and harmony.

Kyrgyz nomad

For a long time Kyrgyz people had a nomadic life. This life style is reflected in everything: mode of life, dressing and original music. By taking pleasure in seeing measured and graceful dance spectators can imagine life of Kyrgyz people centuries ago.



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