Issyk Kul lake


This is the pride of the Kyrgyz people. Located 1609 m above sea level, Issyk Kul is the second largest lake in the world (after lake Titikaka). The lake is 180 km long, 60 km wide, and 668m. deep. The lake is a total of 6,3 thousand sq km Though more than 180 rivers flow into the lake, not a single river flows out. The lake is located in the Issyk-Kul valley and is surrounded by the Kungei Ala Too and Terskey Ala Too Mountain ranges.
   The territory of the lake used to be a cognate of Usuni tribes. Therefore, the bottom of the lake is a historical treasure which is covered with remnants of the ancient towns. After a storm, which can heighten the waves up to 5 m, people find thousand-year old pottery on the lake's shore. The lake and its shores are the ideal spots for recreation, trekking, and water sports

Physical Characteristics



Lake Issyk-kul is a permanent saline lake which has no outlets. The lake's catchment includes more than 180 rivers.


1,738.00 km3

Surface Area

6,236.00 km2


Mean depth: 280.0 m
Maximum depth: 668.0 m


Greater than 20 million years B.C.



Trophic State





Catchment size: 22,080.00 km2
Catchment/surface area ratio: 4:1


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