Kyrgyzstan is a country so mountainous that some of its peaks have not even been named. The people of Kyrgyzstan do not even know themselves how many mountains they have. Ninety-five percent of the country is covered with mountains, and some of the highest peaks in the world can be found in Kyrgyzstan. Still relatively unknown as a tourist destination, Kyrgyzstan?s nature is unexplored and unspoiled.

All places are unique, and it is hard to compare the beauty of one country to the beauty of another. Kyrgyzstan?s mountainous landscape has been compared to that of Switzerland. With its high snowcapped peaks and blooming valleys, Kyrgyzstan does in some way resemble Switzerland. But the resemblance ends there. Kyrgyzstan?s people, culture and cuisine are unmistakably Central Asian.

The Kyrgyz Republic is a mountainous country. Ninety-four percent of the country is over 1,000 m above sea level and about forty-one percent is over 3,000 m. An average elevation is 2,750 m; the highest elevation is 7,439 m; and the lowest is 401 m.  Colossal amplitudes of absolute heights, intricate relief, long geological evolution and other factors have determined the diversity of natural conditions and the abundance of natural resources. All native zones natural of the northern hemisphere can be found here, except tropical.

Strong mountain ranges and vast closed and half-closed intermountain troughs different in their landscapes and economic use determine general appearance and natural peculiarities of the country. The most elevated part of the republic terrain is in its eastern borderland.  Here the mountain junction bordering China culminates at Tien Shan mountain system's highest points: Pobeda Peak (7,439 m) and Khan-Tengri (6,995 m). From here, the fan-shaped ranges ramify westwards and southwestwards to form isolated parallel chains stretching up to 400 km, mainly latitudinally. Heightsgodowninthesamedirection (from 7,000 mto 1,000 m).

The highest and strongest ranges reaching 4,500 m-7,000 m are located in Tien Shan borderlands. These are Kashtaal-Too in southeast; Alai and Turkestan ranges in southwest; Talas and Kyrgyz ranges in northwest and north; Kungei Ala-Too in northeast. The southern border with Tajikistan lies along the Chon-Alay (Trans-Alay) Range where Lenin Peak (7,134 m), Kyrgyzstan's second highest point, is located.

Kyrgyzstan terrain belongs to Ural-Mongolian belt that is very old geologically. Palaeozoic and late Age of Mammals were the most important evolution stages for Tien Shan. The country's modern mountain relief emerged during the latter. Orogenic processes are still ging on, which is witnessed by eqthquakes.

Country of celestial mountains

There are giant-like mountainous ranges, that were extended on many hundreds kilometers here. They are climbing to altitudes, sticking by the acute tops in celestial blue by majestic rocky spikes. The Pick Pobeda, for example, reaches 7439 meters of an altitude, Hahn - Tengry - 6995 m. The important rivers of Central Asia begin from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most picturesque regions of Central Asia on the geographic position. You see over two thirds of its territory is held by mountains, and therefore the variety of landscapes, vegetative and fauna, climatic contrasts, making high-altitude natural zones. Here it is possible to see desert and steppe, fields and gardens of fertile submontanous valleys, where are cultivated sugar beet, cotton, wheat, corn, tobacco, the peaches, apricots, apples, pears and grapes ripen. There are the dense juniper, hips, honeysuckle, barberries, currant and mountain ash above the valleys on mountains. The indelible impression is left with majestic charm of narrow mountainous gorges, covered with dense forests of graceful Tien-Shan fur-trees, occasionally by any miracle retained above vertical rocky walls. At a considerable altitude, between of serrated mountainous ridges, which unexpectedly are emerging the great and equal plateaus ? subalpine and Alpine meadows with a bright, speckled carpet of colors arresting a look by beauty of the forms, paintings, tints. It is a summer pastures - djailoo, where from time immemorial are grazed block of sheep and herds of the horses. And the above, there are everlasting green top of mountains and glaciers. The sparkling snows are amazingly combined with juicy greens of the Alpine meadows and red - brown ?sunburn? of acute unapproachable rocks, burning by the singing sun and dry breathing of hot deserts of Central Asia.  

Everywhere there are a lot of rivers, waterfalls and lakes in mountains. The turquoise smooth of these lakes, noise waterfalls and rumble of the rough rivers are unforgettable, gushing out in powerless fury among rocks, seeking to escape on spaciousness of valleys and generously scattering around of itself diamond?s splashes. It is pleasant to listen in silence of gorges argentine chiming of mountainous rivers.

The mountains of Kyrgyzstan are beautiful in winter too, when a fur-tree are fixed in a quiet weather, they are having high-gravity lowered to ground the furry branches, which have been pressed down by snow, and the trees seem by any mysterious fantastic figures in white attires, sparkling on the sun. 

The fauna is rich too. There are above 400 kinds of animals and birds on its territory. From the privalkov to the alpine zone it is possible to see graceful, timid roe deers, in rocky gorges ? immovable martens, floppy and evasive animal. There are ferment numerous herds of the wild rams on mountains and mountainous horses or ?too-teke ?. For a line of eternal snows strong and artful predator - snow porpoise, there are nested big eagles on unapproachable rocks huge, there is an infrequent bird - ular. In mountains it is possible to see and tracks of a Tien-Shan bear. The wild boars live in walnut- fruit forests and especially in the south of country, among the growth of junipers and in a zone of fur-tree forests. The pheasants live in valleys, and there is possible to see the mountainous Indian geese and swans on Issyk-Kul and Son-Kul lake.

The extreme brief description of the nature of Kyrgyzstan - country of Celestial Mountains.


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